Our mission

We aim to be the leading Soccer club in the Manningham , providing the best possible coaching, support, opportunity for every person in our local community  to play soccer.

As a community club, the club aspires to be an active member of Manningham and increase the participation of people in soccer throughout the municipality. The club will seek to engage committed locals to administer the club in the most effective and efficient manner, ensuring the sustainability of the club over the long term.

The Club’s Objective

To have a Football Department within the club’s structure that overseas all the Technical Directors (TD’s), teams, coaches, team managers, players and parents.

The Football Department will provide all FFA statutory Policies and Procedures and distribute to all teams, coaches, team managers, players and parents to ensure that every child is in a safe environment. Documents include:

·         Players Code of Behaviour
·         Coaches Code of Behaviour
·         Parents Code of Behaviour
·         Child Safety Policy 2018
·         Working with Children’s Check for all parents involved in official club roles
·         Wet weather policy